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Why my laptop heats more?

Laptop overheating is the most common problem faced by all laptop users, who never clean his/her laptops in their lifetime. The major reason behind this issue is the dust in your laptop fan/vents. If you are not taking any measures to stop this issue, it will damage the internal components of the laptop beacuse of the temperature continously increases. So, never takes this as a simple issue.
When your laptop temperature exceeds beyond the limit, then you may experience some of these issues.

  • Laptop Freezes while using.
  • Windows don't start/ respond slowly.
  • Every tasks takes more time than usual.
  • Fans inside the laptop sound becomes louder than before.
  • Laptop shutdown unexpectedly.
  • The laptop restarts automatically.

There are many causes behind laptop overheating issue but the major cause for this problem is the dust inside your laptop. The dust in the laptop fans traps the heat and prevents the dissipation of heat from the internal components. This leads to damage to the major internal components of your laptop and which means to cost more money.

How to prevent my laptop from overheating issues?

These are the simple and effective methods to reduce your laptop tempreature. Practise these methods to prevent your laptop from overheating and damaging your laptop components.

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The computwer works harder and generates more heat while using. By practicing these following simple methods, you can increase the efficiency of your laptop by reducing the heat

  • Close the applications when you are not using them.
  • Always looking for any unwanted applications runs in the background.
  • Avoid keeping your battery consistently on the charger, it will also affect your laptop battery's life.
  • Reduce the game resolution and decrease the graphics settings when playing games.


Dust in the laptop fan and vents makes the fan works harder to dissipate the heat from the internal components. Because of this fan makes more sound than normal.

  • Step1: Turn off your laptop and disconnect from the power source.
  • Step2: Place the laptop on a clean and smooth surface
  • Step3: Use canned air to remove the dust from the vents. For most laptops vents are placed under the laptop.
  • Step4: Wait for a few minutes.
  • Step5: Connect your laptop to a power source and then turn on your laptop.
  • Step6: Check whether the laptop fan sounds normal or not.

If your laptop fan makes less noise which means your laptop fan and vents work perfectly. Hereafter laptop fan will dissipate heat from the components effectively.

If not, still your laptop makes noise and heats more. Then there is a problem with your laptop fan. The fan needs to be removed or repaired, if not it will lead to damage to the components in your laptop.


When you are doing multitask on your laptop, it will heat more. By using a laptop cooling pad the laptop heat will be reduced and it saves your components from damage. Also, cooling pads are very comfortable to use.

Laptop Cooling pad